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About Us

Man Central is a non-profit organization created by people who love winners and beautiful people. Because of the little joys we get from it, we burn our midnight candle, spent hours and hours on research so we can come up everyday and share the world beautiful images of you and your victory. 

The goal of Man Central is to immortalize you and your participation in any local, national or international pageants or competetion by using the best photographs you have in your term. We don't claim ownership of these photos, we merely use them to make you look better as we placed you side by side with the world's best. 

Man Central is who's who in the pageant world and we don't want to make you look mediocre. So we research the net far and wide and selected the best picture of you and your candidates. 

Fifteen or twenty years from now, you will grow old and grey, and the face that once launched a thousand ships has now gnarled and scare little children away. The fact remains that in your time, we have sang hossana in your name and place your legacy (your beautiful pictures) in this blog for everybody to see and for the next generation to look back to... and cherish! 

To pageant organizers and photographers thanks for your support. If there are names or persons that needs to be credited, email us and we would gladly add your names next to the pictures. 

If you also want any of your protegees featured, email us with their gorgeous and artistic photos and a short write up about the awards they won and their achievements. 

We are not getting anything from this... it is a labor of love. So let's continue supporting what is BEAUTIFUL... and WHO is BEAUTIFUL! 

This blog is for all of us! 


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